About Us

About Us

We are one of the most reputed news sites and we have reached millions of people through our extensive news and interesting stories. With a dedicated team of journalists, technicians and other employees by our side, we are news company with immense strength.

Though some people think that the entertainment news is not of utmost importance, we do think that entertainment news must be accepted by one and all because..

It is a means of Distraction

People are more occupied and are busy with their jobs. The news is also filled with important things like politics, business, and crime. To satisfy the guilty pleasure and loosen up the mind, the entertainment factor is very essential.

It is about the Glamour

Who doesn’t love the glam and drama of the celebrity world? There are more views for videos done in a celebrity’s life than any other issue in this world. We love to satisfy that thirst.

Everyone Follows it

Everyone loves following their favorite celebrities. Even if a TV channel is switched on, you can see a celebrity in a show. You enjoy it because we are here.

Our readers and viewers want stories that really matter to them and that is why we serve them by bringing them the best stories and current news updates around the clock. We give the people what they want to know and what they are talking about. From politics to music to films, we bring in the balance of all the worlds.

We give them the news they need and sometimes, with a twist of humor when they least expect it. Be it travel, lifestyle, entertainment, sports, money, business or real estate, we are the one who connects with our viewers through our content.

We offer the most advanced digital news service so that you can view our site whenever you want and from wherever you are.